CDJ Digital Engagement

As part of our ongoing digital engagement strategy, we are asking authors who submit articles to the Journal, should they wish to, to provide a tweet or other text to promote their work on our social media platforms.

The CDJ currently uses our Twitter account (@cdjplus) and our Facebook account ( to promote new articles accepted by the Journal.

Please use the form below to provide us with details of your article, any material or quotes you would like to go into the body text of the tweet or Facebook post you’d like us to make, and any hashtags or mentions you’d like us to include in the tweet.

240 character limit for Twitter, unlimited for Facebook
(Twitter Only) If there are any hashtags you’d like us to use in the tweet, please put them here
If there are any Twitter accounts or Facebook pages/accounts you’d like us to mention as part of the post, please put the account name(s) here